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Total Residents:67,830,064 | Residents online:46,530 | Last update:2024-05-26 14:24:00 SLT

Second Life Main Grid size as of 19 May 2024

OwnershipTotalGeneralModerateAdultOfflineTotal Area (km˛)
Total28027247417628791510 1836.78
Linden Owned9801155878334091 642.32
Private Estates18226916979575069 1194.46

Summary Charts (Click to view): Historical Grid Size Historical Private Estates Historical Maturity Ratings
Other Key Statistics:
  • 57% of Mainland owned directly by Linden Accounts (Contiguous Mainland is 6806 regions including Linden Home regions)
  • 20.7% to 21.4% of Mainland by area is abandoned parcels (details - 11th Jan 2017)
  • 55.5% of Private Estate regions are Full Regions, 43.9% Homesteads & 0.6% Openspaces
    (details including top 20 Estates - 15th Jan 2017)
  • Monthly Tier Estimates - Private Estates c.US$2.970 Million, Mainland c.US$0.704 Million
  • As of Jan 2017 36914 Linden Homes are occupied (details - 11th Jan 2017)
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Top 10 Estates by number of regions (15th Jan 2017)
  • The Top 10 Estates by number of regions held are as follows:
  • Richmond Land Management 6.2%
  • Azure Islands (ACS) 4.9%
  • Dreamseeker Estates 4.9%
  • Zoha Islands 4.2%
  • Surreal Chung (ACS) 3.1%
  • Weezles Real Estate (WRE) 3.0%
  • Victoria Chung (ACS) 2.9%
  • Miriam Chung (ACS) 2.5%
  • Lorena Chung (ACS) 1.8%
  • Fruit Islands Estate 1.7%
  • N.B. Known ACS holdings are 16.7%
Last survey conducted 19 May 2024
2412 Second Life regions beginning with V
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V Convention Center(991,1077)General (PG)not knownRemoved 28 Aug 2009
V Gen(995,1165)Moderate (Mature)Estate / Full RegionYes (Active)
V Holm Center(527,1372)General (PG)not knownRemoved 16 Aug 2011
V Japan(1097,1177)General (PG)not knownRemoved 5 May 2009
V TATTOO STORE(868,1262)Moderate (Mature)Estate / HomesteadRemoved 11 Aug 2013
V V Island(1020,1186)Down (Offline)Estate / HomesteadRemoved 25 Mar 2013
V00D00(865,1391)AdultEstate / Full RegionRemoved 9 Apr 2017
Va Huka(505,921)Moderate (Mature)not knownRemoved 14 Dec 2008
Va Pou(501,921)Moderate (Mature)Estate / HomesteadYes (Active)
Vaadhoo(896,849)Down (Offline)not knownRemoved 11 Jan 2009
Vabel(736,1373)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel 30K(1051,1235)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Aachen City(551,1337)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Alpen(1071,1217)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Bachtel(808,1312)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Biker(768,1003)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Buendnerland(705,1372)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Bull(692,1346)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Check(735,1279)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Chuchichaeschtli(1088,1176)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Dart(652,1314)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Deed(691,1196)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel DJane(967,1200)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Dortmund City(550,1337)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Dreamland(1055,1297)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Duesseldorf City(551,1336)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Elfen(634,1326)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Entspannt(630,1355)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Galerie(536,1378)Adultnot knownRemoved 24 Dec 2023
Vabel Game On(656,1374)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Garten(657,1278)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Home(764,1210)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Jura(567,1340)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Kanton(918,910)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Koeln City(550,1336)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Land(669,1279)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Live(572,1365)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Matterhorn(548,1375)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Muntschi(738,1381)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Musik(570,1306)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Office(1042,1248)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)
Vabel Rebels(815,1296)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Schweiz(827,1377)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel See(1055,1298)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Set(573,1296)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Silence(1034,1390)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Sim(564,1285)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Sound(1015,1193)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Stern(737,1255)Adultnot knownYes (Active)
Vabel Tripple(646,1274)Moderate (Mature)not knownYes (Active)